Beginners Guide to Seeing Auras

Don’t expect Seeing Colors to Begin With

The number one mistake beginners to when starting to look for auras is look for big, bright and colorful auras. That is setting yourself up for failure, since that is not what you are going to see at first at all! You will simply give up and assume you can´t see them.. Don’t get discouraged. There is hope!

So what do you really see at first?

Not much actually.. You will usually see a see-through outline, maybe an inch off object you are looking at. Resembling heat waves on a warm summer day but less wispy. The aura might shrink and grow, disproving that it’s a double vision, that shouldn’t change like that.

When you first catch it in your peripheral vision, don’t look at it directly at the aura, since it will disappear. Because your eyes is curved it picks up different frequencies of light than when you look straight at it. With training you can see it even if you look at it head on.

Don’t Blink

Another thing that might make it disappear is blinking. Since blinking resets your consciousness and it might take a few seconds before you again start to tune into these frequencies. But don´t worry. As you practice you will see them no matter how much you blink.

Black or White Background

Using a blank background will make it easier to see. Black and white backgrounds are excellent for first seeing the auras. Look at the center of your hand or foot and try catch the outline with the peripheral vision. Slowly wiggle your hand/foot back and forth until you catch it, then freeze and keep observing it.

If you still have trouble seeing it, play around with the lights. Sometimes it is easier to see in a slightly darker room.

Good luck watching auras.